Radio Rashy Episode 143 – Floyd Norman Part One

A special treat for Christmas! The first of a multi-part interview with animator, cartoonist, storyteller and Disney Legend, Floyd Norman! In part one, Floyd tells of his hiring at the disney studio, his first encounter with Walt and his experiences working on The Jungle Book!

Radio Rashy Episode 100 – The Big 100!

It’s the one hundredth episode of Radio Rashy and Paul and Misty are throwing a party! Follow Ezra as he roams the crowd, getting comments, insights and strange stories from our hosts and guests.

Radio Rashy Episode 101 – Fun With Funny Eddie

Beginning this week, the first in a series of interviews with magician/ comedian/ master showman Funny Eddie Medrano! From the US Marines to Ringling Bros. to Hollywood’s Magic Castle, Eddie’s life is as colorful as the balloons he twists! Also, Rashy goes political as he gives his report of the Million Puppet March on Washington!